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From the murky depths I come.
And they say Blizzard games don't have bugs.
Storm, earth and fire, heed my call!
Suits my purposes.
Every man lives. Not every man truly dies.
For my Ancestors
I always wanted to start my own religion...so I did!
My quarry nears.
That's it. I'm dead.
Fear my leet skills.
Ah, the great outdoors!
I come to cleanse this land.
Stand and deliver.
If I have wings, why am I always walking?
My life for Aiur... er– I– I mean Ner'Zhul
Achoo! Unh, don't tell me I'm allergic to feathers.
Damn helmet, can't seem to get this thing…
Fresh, cool ale here!
Wrecking crew here!
Wings, horns, hooves, what are we saying!? Is this Diablo!?
Am I hot, or what?
I smell magic in the air.
No guts, no gory.
I will be twice the king my father was.
Taste my sting
Spider sense... tingling.
Sadly, the name 'Pinkspear Tribe' was already taken
Has Hell frozen over yet?
We're not a cult so much as a maniacal group of fanatical, blade-wielding zealots.
Zug Zug
For the Burning Blade!
I'm four
All shall be revealed.
Me not that kind of orc!
Let my cries chill the living.
We come in peace-es
Tremble before me!

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