Can you name the jugements of Revelation

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Can you name the Can you name the jugements of Revelation?

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Seal jugement?
1:18 months 
2:world war other horses on it's heels 
4:horses bring death of 1/4 people and 14400 jewish converts 
6:people rather be crushed 
7:preperation for the trumpet jugements 
Trumpet jugement?
1:one third of earth set on fire 
2:one third of the sea became blood 
3:many will die 
4:one third of day and noght are dark 
5:their leader Abaddon in hebrew in greek Apollyon, the destroyer the first terror 
6:the second terror 
7:third terror Ark of the Covenant can be sees 
Bowl jugement?
1:temple filled with smoke until the 7 plages are released 
2:sea becomes blood 
Bowl jugement ?
thunder lightning earthquake babalyon split in three7:This hails the Glorious Appearing of Christ 

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