Some of the films of Troy McClure

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Film TitleMissing Word(s)
The Muppets go ______
________ :Eww!
______ Ape goes to ______ ______
______ Ape
Someone's in the Kitchen with ______
______ ______: Delicious But Deadly
Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to ______-______-______
The ______ adventures of Hercules
Man vs Nature: The Road to ______
They Came to Burgle ______ ______
Film TitleMissing Word(s)
The Wackiest ______ ______ in the West
______ doesn't live here anymore
The ______ ______ is Missing
The Half-Assed Approach to ______ ______
Here Comes the ______ ______
______: the Silent Killer
Two Minus Three Equals ______ ______
______ and You: Partners in Freedom
______ ______: The Lifesaving Nerds
Calling all ______

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