Glasgow Coma Scale

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Can you name the Glasgow Coma Scale?

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Eyes - Does not open eyes
Eyes - Opens eyes in response to voice
Motor - Extension to Pain
Eyes - Opens eyes in response to pain
Motor - Abnormal flexing to pain
Motor - Obeys commands
Verbal - Orientated Patient responds coherently and appropriately to questions such as the patient’s name and age, where they are and why, the year, month, etc
Verbal - Disorientated The patient responds to questions coherently but there is some disorientation and confusion
Verbal - Inappropriate Words Random or exclamatory articulated speech, but no conversational exchange
Eyes - Opens eyes spontaneously
Verbal - Makes no sounds
Motor - Withdrawal to pain
Motor - Localises to painAttempts to push examiner away/stop them
Verbal - Incomprehensible sounds Moaning but no words
Motor - No motor response

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