British military nicknames

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JesseAmerican outlaw
FlashComic book hero and film of the same name
SwampyAnother name for a swamp
Nosey/NosyWhat you might call someone who was prying in your affairs
ShadyWhere you might be afraid to go at night
RustyA type of metal that might go rusty
ChirpyWhat animal makes this noise?
SpiderWhat spiders make
SherlockFictional detective
DingerWhat instrument goes Ding?
NobbyMembers of this profession, although considered working class, had to be literate. Therefore they were paid a lot more than other professions and were considered the nobility of the working class
SweeneyDemon barber of Fleet Street
BrighamMormon Leader
BusterComic strip character
Bunny Where do bunny rabbits live?
SharkyUnknown, possibly from a 17th/18th Century Admiral
BomberCommander in Chief RAF Bomber Command during WW2
SpudUnknown, possibly due to the Irish roots of the surname
DoughyWhat job works with dough?
DutchyWhere do Dutch people come from?
SmokeySomething that when burned would create smoke
Chalky/SnowyColour of Chalk/Snow
Tug/TuggUnknown, possibly 18th/19th Century Admiral
DaisyCharacter from Dukes of Hazzard

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