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depressed mood for 2 weeks +appetite change, sleep disturbance, fatigue, suicidal thoughts 
depressed mood for 2 years +Hopelessness, appetite disturbance 
Depression Vulnerability:
Temperament, Thinking patterns, Perfectionism, Idolatry 
Divorce, Abuse, Loss 
Postpartum, SAD, Physical Illness 
Depression Remedies:
Distinct fear or discomfort;peak in 10 minutes;trembling shaking; nausea;fear of dying; short breath 
Persisten, excessive, orunreasonable fear of clearly defined object or situation 
fear of situations in which one is exposed to possible scrutiny by others 
fear of settings from which escape is difficult of embarrassing or help unavailable 
Lasting at least 6 months; panic and worry pervasive and chronic 
Recurrent obsessions or compulsions sufficiently severe to cause marked distress, consume time, and interfere with normal routine 
Reaction to psychologically traumatic event 
Signs of Addiction
Types of Perfectionism

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