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Can you name the words with two distinct meanings as nouns and verbs?

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Precursor to many baked goodsTo strike repeatedly
Frequent component of pillowsTo drink the entirety of (slang)
Possible outcome of a sporting matchTo depict as an illustration
Source of monetary growthTo intrigue
Objective of a goaltenderTo set aside for future spending
An object held for good luckTo beguile
Force which allows airplanes to flyTo raise
A professional of medical scienceTo tamper with or falsify
Quintessential financial institutionTo tilt a vehicle to one side while turning
Something frequently received from a cashierTo alter the nature of
A movie of diminutive lengthTo create a path of negligible resistance in a circuit
Bridge between world events and the populaceTo apply force
Innermost part of a castleTo retain
Natural source of combustionTo operate a gun
Method of transportion originally powered by coalTo teach to act in a certain way
A box has sixTo join another's view in an argument
Legal document regarding entitlementTo desire or wish
Paperwork which need be filled outTo create
A linear arrangement of objectsTo propel oneself forward in a boat
Entrance area for many commercial buildingsTo attempt to influence legislation
A tropical fruitTo go out with
Mammal which comes in brown and black varietiesTo support a load
A mix of a sugary drink with a popular dessertTo hover in midair
The condition of an object or personTo say something matter-of-factly
A piece of paper which permits some actionTo perform satisfactorily

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