Sopranos Characters: Dead or Alive

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Can you name the Sopranos characters who were dead or alive by the end of series?

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Matthew Bevilaqua
Jackie Aprile, Sr
Father Phil Intintola
Janice Soprano
Patsy Parisi
Phil Leotardo
Pussy Bonpensiero
Carmine Lupertazzi, Sr
Christopher Moltisanti
Silvio Dante
Livia Soprano
Meadow Soprano
Ralph Cifaretto
Junior Soprano
Jackie Aprile, Jr
AJ Soprano
Artie Bucco
Jennifer Melfi
Hesh Rabkin
Bobby Baccalieri
Carmela Soprano
Tony Blundetto
Ginny Sack
Vito Spatafore
Paulie Gualtieri
Johnny Sack
Vin Makazian
Little Carmine
Tony Soprano
Gloria Trillo
Adriana La Cerva
Richie Aprile
Charmaine Bucco
Furio Giunta

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