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Torres/Paris' child is 'special' to a group of Klingons.
Seven becomes paranoid about Janeway and Chakotay's possible ulterior motive.
Paris takes his love for shuttle craft to a whole new level.
Seven develops dissociative identity disorder.
The Doctor's daydreaming runs awry; hilarity ensues.
Torres becomes horny after Vorik tries to mate with her.
Giant germs endanger Voyager and Janeway saves it the only way she knows how: Commando style!
Janeway risks the safety of her ship to sate her coffee addiction.
Q wants a baby and Janeway to be the mother!
Kes goes through early puberty.
Kim becomes infatuated with an alien and ends up with an STD.
Aunt Kathy has a real doozy on her hands
Harry Kim dies for a second time. In an alternate universe, unfortunately.
Ferengi stranded in the Delta Quadrant (in the episode TNG: 'The Price') are revered as Gods.
Voyager's bio-neural gel packs apparently are lactose intolerant.
Janeway dies. And then dies again.
Torres' thinking leads to a lobotomy.
The Doctor makes a house call to treat his terminally-ill father.

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