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Torres' thinking leads to a lobotomy.
Janeway dies. And then dies again.
Torres/Paris' child is 'special' to a group of Klingons.
Ferengi stranded in the Delta Quadrant (in the episode TNG: 'The Price') are revered as Gods.
Voyager's bio-neural gel packs apparently are lactose intolerant.
Q wants a baby and Janeway to be the mother!
Giant germs endanger Voyager and Janeway saves it the only way she knows how: Commando style!
Janeway risks the safety of her ship to sate her coffee addiction.
Aunt Kathy has a real doozy on her hands
Seven develops dissociative identity disorder.
Seven becomes paranoid about Janeway and Chakotay's possible ulterior motive.
Kim becomes infatuated with an alien and ends up with an STD.
The Doctor's daydreaming runs awry; hilarity ensues.
Paris takes his love for shuttle craft to a whole new level.
The Doctor makes a house call to treat his terminally-ill father.
Kes goes through early puberty.
Torres becomes horny after Vorik tries to mate with her.
Harry Kim dies for a second time. In an alternate universe, unfortunately.

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