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In some private lobbies, players who have been killed do not have to watch a player; they can roam the map instead, which is called this
Player who reached Level 70 of the 10th prestige without hacking, etc.
To kill someone at the very beginning of a match
Hold left trigger just long enough to look through sniper scope, then shoot
Shoot with sniper without looking through scope
Aim through sniper scope, then shoot
To lie in wait (usually where you can't be seen) for an opponent to come by
Grenade Launcher attachment
A ratio of how many deaths you have caused and how many deaths you have had (give abbreviation)
A terrible player angrily calls a good player this to make himself feel better about getting his butt kicked (also, rhymes with a Bruce Willis movie title)
Especially with LMG's, hold the right trigger and move the right joystick left and right, hoping to kill someone
A place to go to in order to unlock all titles, emblems, and attachments, as well as reach the highest level and prestige in the game
Heartbeat Sensor attachment
Private lobby game in which everyone runs around knifing opponents

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