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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by the origin of their names?

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HintNamePart of Name
From Sanskrit, meaning 'lotus'First Name
Derived from the Latin word for 'wolf'Surname
From Greek mythology, the messenger of the godsOne-Word Name
From outdated English, meaning 'bumblebee'Surname
From the name of the Celtic goddess of fertilityFirst Name
Derived from the English name of an animal associated with misfortuneSurname
Derived from the Latin word for 'of blood' or 'bloodthirsty'One-Word Name or Surname
From French, meaning 'bad faith'Surname
From Shakespeare's canon, the heroine who pretends to be a statueFirst Name
From Greek mythology, a watchman with 200 eyesFirst Name
English word meaning 'thin (esp. with disease)'Surname
From English rhyming slang, meaning 'mosquito'First Name or Surname
HintNamePart of Name
From French, meaning 'flight from death'Adopted Name
From Roman mythology, one of two brothers who were raised by a she-wolfFirst Name
From Greek, meaning 'love of foreign things/ideas'First Name
From French, meaning 'of the court'Surname
From Italian, meaning 'fair one'First Name
From English slang, meaning 'to steal'Surname
From Shakespeare's canon, the tall heroine whose course of true love runs anything but smoothFirst Name
From French, meaning 'victory'First Name
From French, meaning 'flower'First Name
From Roman mythology, the goddess of wisdomFirst Name
From Latin, meaning 'moon'First Name
From Latin, meaning 'white'First Name

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