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ArtistSong TitleLyrics
The J. Geils BandMy blood runs cold / My memory has just been sold
AsiaI never meant to be so bad to you / One thing I said that I would never do
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts...So put another dime in the jukebox, baby
Kenny RogersAnd I'm so glad I've stayed / Right here with you
Paul McCartney & Stevie WonderWe all know that people are the same where ever you go
Steve Miller BandI wanna reach out and grab ya
Eddie MoneyCause I don't think I can make it through the night…
Stevie Nicks & Don HenleyLovers forever...face to face
George Benson...Don't you turn me down / I can show you how...
The MotelsWe kiss altogether wrong / No intention
The Human LeagueYou were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
The Go-Go'sSee the people walking down the street / Fall in line just watching all their feet
Rod StewartDon't let them put you down, don't let 'em push you around
ForeignerYou're so good--- When we make love it's understood
The J. Geils BandZoom lens feelings just won't disappear
JourneyJust a small town girl, living in a lonely world
The CarsWell dance, all night get real loose / You don't need no bad excuse
TotoAll I wanna do in the middle of the evening is hold you tight…
Men at WorkStay away, don't you invade my home
Olivia Newton-JohnLet me hear your body talk / Your body talk
John CougarSometimes love don't feel like it should
Hall & Oates…They're watching you watching you watching you watching you
Soft CellDon't touch me please / I cannot stand the way you tease
Buckner & GarciaI'm gonna eat them all up, just as soon as they turn blue.
ArtistSong TitleLyrics
Air SupplyEven the days are brighter / When someone you loves beside you
Stevie NicksJust like the white winged dove / sings a song / Sounds like she's singing
Tommy TutoneI tried to call you before but I lost my nerve
ChicagoEven lovers need a holiday / Far away from each other
Huey Lewis and the NewsI was walking down a one way street
A Flock of SeagullsI couldn't get away
Rick SpringfieldLove hurts when only one's in love
The Go-Go'sTelling lies / Well that's no surprise
Melissa ManchesterShe says she would be lost without you, She is really in love.
Journeyhoping you'll see what your love means to me
The PoliceIt's a big enough umbrella / But it's always me that ends up getting wet
Billy IdolCause when a long-legged lovely walks by / Yeah you can see the look in her eye
The Alan Parsons ProjectI am the maker of rules / Dealing with fools / I can cheat you blind
Diana RossWhy do birds sing so gay
SurvivorJust a man and and his will to survive
Willie NelsonMaybe I didn't love you / Quite as often as I could have
Ronnie MilsapThen my wild beautiful bird, you will have flown…
Van HalenI guess I'll go on home, it's late / There'll be tomorrow night, but wait
John CougarSuckin' on chili dogs outside the tastee freeze
Kim WildeDown town the young ones are growing.
LoverboyYou want a piece of my heart / You better start from start
QuarterflashDarlin' in my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd go
Bertie HigginsWe had it all / Just like Bogie and Bacall
Elton John...Holding back the tears / Holding back the pain

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