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Can you name the Video games that these people created or helped create?

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Allan Alcorn
Gabe Newell & Mike Harrington
Hideki Kamiya
John Carmack & John Romero
Jordan Mechner
Alexey Pajitnov
Warren Spector
Casey Hudson
Tomonobu Itagaki
David Jaffe
Hideo Kojima
Ken & Roberta Williams
Yuji Horii
Shigesato Itoi
Cliff Bleszinski
Ken Lobb
Tetsuya Nomura
Shinji Mikami
Shigeru Miyamoto
Yuji Naka
Al Lowe
Chris Sawyer
Ralph Baer
Fumito Ueda
Toru Iwatani
Ken Levine
Michel Ancel
Masahiro Sakurai
Gunpei Yokoi
Satoshi Tajiri
Sid Meier
Keiji Inafune
Yu Suzuki
Tim Schafer
Will Wright
Ed Boon & John Tobias
Peter Molyneux
Hironobu Sakaguchi

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