PlayStation All-Stars Character by Select Screen Quote

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Can you name the PlayStation All-Stars Character by what they say on the character select screen?

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Pack it in folks. It's already over.
Nice choice. Let's do this!
Let's see what you can do!
Let's share this dance!
As you wish.
You guys sure you want to face me?
You have chosen wisely, mortal.
*Unintelligible Gibberish*
We shall reach the promised land.
Let's get those naughty boys!
Jack is a one-man army.
A tool for every job.
*Something in Japanese*
Time for some fun!
We gonna put on a show!
*Something in a French/Japanese/Latin language*
*Deep, scary moaning*
A most interesting proposal.
You should all give!
I'm ready, Professor!
I'm on the job!

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