PlayStation All-Stars Character by Select Screen Quote

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Can you name the PlayStation All-Stars Character by what they say on the character select screen?

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*Something in a French/Japanese/Latin language*
You should all give!
*Deep, scary moaning*
As you wish.
We shall reach the promised land.
Time for some fun!
Nice choice. Let's do this!
You guys sure you want to face me?
We gonna put on a show!
A tool for every job.
Let's see what you can do!
Pack it in folks. It's already over.
I'm ready, Professor!
Let's share this dance!
A most interesting proposal.
Let's get those naughty boys!
You have chosen wisely, mortal.
Jack is a one-man army.
*Something in Japanese*
*Unintelligible Gibberish*
I'm on the job!

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