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Forced Order
A thousand years have passed, and they can’t leave the hatred behind.
Then, pretend I didn't say it.
Why should the world exist without me? That wouldn't be fair. If I die, we all die!
I'm the one who abandoned you.
But the hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat the lord master of Hell!
We shall devour your light, and use it to return this world to the Void!
Shameful that a king should flee, leaving his people behind!
Your destiny was my design.
I [Character Name] Will knock you all down!
Soon... very soon! The power of the Void will completely be mine, and the entire earth will kneel before me!
There, I will reign, and you will be my slaves for eternity.
Man will keep his own history! The tyranny of the Gods is ended!
For all your wandering, still you end up in purgatory.
I wouldn't know because I don't have a hometown…
People are capable of kindness beyond angels, yet we also commit sins that would put a demon to shame...

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