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ChainMovie NameYear
Michael Keaton + Jack Nicholson(1989)
Jack Nicholson + Vincent Price(1963)
Vincent Price + Johnny Depp(1990)
Johnny Depp + Christina Ricci(1999)
Christina Ricci + Anjelica Huston(1991)
Anjelica Huston + Liam Neeson(2006)
Liam Neeson + Natalie Portman(1999)
Natalie Portman + John Hurt(2005)
John Hurt + Sigourney Weaver(1979)
Sigourney Weaver + Bill Murray(1984)
Bill Murray + Woody Harrelson(2009)
Woody Harrelson + Demi Moore(1993)
Demi Moore + Patrick Swayze(1990)
Patrick Swayze + Charlie Sheen(1984)
Charlie Sheen + Cameron Diaz(1999)
Cameron Diaz + Jim Carrey(1994)
Jim Carrey + Nicole Kidman(1995)
Nicole Kidman + Tom Cruise(1999)
Tom Cruise + Penélope Cruz(2001)
Penélope Cruz + Scarlett Johansson(2008)
ChainMovie NameYear
Scarlett Johansson + Ewan McGregor(2005)
Ewan McGregor + Helena Bonham Carter(2003)
Helena Bonham Carter + Edward Norton(1999)
Edward Norton + Anthony Hopkins(2002)
Anthony Hopkins + Julianne Moore(2001)
Julianne Moore + William H. Macy(1999)
William H. Macy + Steve Buscemi (1996)
Steve Buscemi + Kurt Russell(1996)
Kurt Russell + Rose McGowan(2007)
Rose McGowan + Quentin Tarantino(2007)
Quentin Tarantino + John Travolta(1994)
John Travolta + Kirstie Alley(1989)
Kirstie Alley + Mark Hamill(1995)
Mark Hamill + Harrison Ford (1977)
Harrison Ford + Michelle Pfeiffer(2000)
Michelle Pfeiffer + Al Pacino(1983)
Al Pacino + Robert De Niro(2008)
Robert De Niro + Angelina Jolie(2004)
Angelina Jolie + Winona Ryder(1999)
Winona Ryder + Michael Keaton(1988)

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