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Can you name the super villains by their unhelpful descriptions?

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Forced Order
Bad DescriptionVillain
Grizzly old man needs emory board.
Axis baddie is red in the face.
Survivor with magnetic personality rallies a brotherhood to his cause.
Businessman takes a stand on illegal aliens.
Enigmatic man not afraid to ask the tough questions.
Twisted man can't live up to his cousin's image.
You should never get on this gambling man's bad side.
Cooky inventor has an explosive Halloween, glides in style.
Bad DescriptionVillain
Pudgy doctor gets a few helping hands.
Big guy hungry for earth-food.
White guy gets out from under the hood, takes a chemical bath.
Unhappy king hides his face from the world.
Former cop goes after ex-partner for calling him yellow.
Former photographer is toxic.
Professor drops bomb, freaks out everyone.

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