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YearMovieCharacter's Name
1958MArtin Cabell
1958Steve Andrews
1959George Fowler
1959Bill Ringa
1961Lt. Ferguson 'Fergie' Howard
1962Capt. Buzz Rickson
1963Capt. Hilts
1963Sgt. Eustis Clay
1963Rocky Papasano
1965Henry Thomas
1965Title Character
YearMovieCharacter's Name
1966Title Character
1966Jake Holman
1968Title Character
1968Title Character
1969Boon Hogganbeck
1971Michael Delaney
1972Title Character
1972Doc McCoy
1973Title Character
1974Fire Chief Michael O'Hallorhan
1978Doctor Thomas Stockmann
1980Title Character
1980Ralph 'Papa' Thorson

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