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YearMovie TitleNumber of awards won/categories
19907 including Best Picture, Director
19901: Best Actor (Jeremy Irons)
19901: Best Actress (Kathy Bates)
19901: Supporting Actor (Joe Pesci)
19902: Supporting Actress (Whoopi Goldberg), Original Screenplay
19903: Art Direction, Makeup, Original Song
19901: Costume Design
19901: Visual Effects
19901: Sound Effects Editing
19901: Foreign Film (Germany)
19915 including Best Picture, Director
19911: Supporting Actor (Jack Palance)
19911: Supporting Actress (Mercedes Ruehl)
19911: Original Screenplay
19912: Cinematography, Editing
19912: Art Direction, Costume Design
19914 including Sound, Visual Effects, Make Up
19912: Original Score, Original Song
19911: Foreign Film (Italy)
19924 including Best Picture, Director
19921: Best Actor (Al Pacino)
19923 including Best Actress (Emma Thompson)
19921: Supporting Actress (Marisa Tomei)
19921: Original Screenplay
19921: Cinematography
19921: Sound
19922: Original Score, Original Song
19923 including Makeup, Costume Design
19921: Visual Effects
19921: Foreign Film (France)
19937 including Best Picture, Director
19932: Best Actor (Tom Hanks), Original Song
YearMovie TitleNumber of awards won/categories
19933 including Actress (Holly Hunter) and Supporting Actress (Anna Paquin)
19931: Supporting Actor (Tommy Lee Jones)
19933: Sound, Visual Effects, Sound Effects Editing
19931: Costume Design
19931: Makeup
19931: Foreign Film (Spain)
19946 including Best Picture, Director
19941: Best Actress (Jessica Lange)
19942: Supporting Actor (Martin Landau), Makeup
19941: Supporting Actress (Dianne Wiest)
19941: Original Screenplay
19941: Cinematography
19941: Art Direction
19942: Sound, Sound Effects Editing
19942: Original Score, Original Song
19941: Costume Design
19941: Foreign Film (Russia)
19955 including Best Picture, Director
19951: Best Actor (Nicolas Cage)
19951: Best Actress (Susan Sarandon)
19952: Supporting Actor (Kevin Spacey), Original Screenplay
19951: Supporting Actress (Mira Sorvino)
19951: Screenplay Adaptation
19952: Art Direction, Costume Design
19952: Sound, Editing
19951: Original Dramatic Score
19952: Original Musical Score, Original Song
19951: Visual Effects
19951: Foreign Film (The Netherlands)
19969 including Best Picture, Director
19961: Best Actor (Geoffrey Rush)
19962: Actress (Frances McDormand), Original Screenplay
YearMovie TitleNumber of awards won/categories
19961: Supporting Actor (Cuba Gooding, Jr.)
19961: Screenplay Adaptation
19961: Original Musical or Comedy Score
19961: Original Song
19961: Makeup
19961: Visual Effects
19961: Sound Effects Editing
19961: Foreign Film (Czech Republic)
199711 including Best Picture, Director
19972: Actor (Jack Nicholson), Actress (Helen Hunt)
19972: Supporting Actor (Robin Williams), Original Screenplay
19972: Supporting Actress (Kim Basinger), Screenplay Adaptation
19971: Makeup
19971: Original Musical or Comedy Score
19971: Foreign Film (The Netherlands)
19987 including Best Picture, Actress (Gwyneth Paltrow)
19985 including Best Director, Cinematography, Editing
19983 including Actor (Roberto Benigni)
19981: Supporting Actor (James Coburn)
19981: Screenplay Adaptation
19981: Original Song
19981: Visual Effects
19995 including Best Picture, Director
19991: Best Actress (Hilary Swank)
19992: Supporting Actress (Michael Caine), Screenplay Adaptation
19991: Supporting Actress (Angelina Jolie)
19991: Art Direction
19994 including Editing, Sound, Visual Effects
19991: Original Score
19991: Original Song
19992: Costume Design, Makeup
19991: Foreign Film (Spain)

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