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Can you name the Rock Bands by seeing a few of their songs?

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Killing In The Name Of, Bulls on Parade, Testify
Like A Stone, Be Yourself, Cochise
Shout at the Devil, Girls Girls Girls, Kickstart My Heart
Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, Falling Down
Symphony of Destruction, Peace Shells, Hangar 18
Wicked Garden, Big Empty, Between the Lines
Shakin' Hands, Because Of You, Animals
Baba O'Riley, My Generation, Pinball Wizard
Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out, Knights of Cydonia
I Am, Cold, Push It
Smells Like Teen Spirit, All Apologies, Heart Shaped Box
Overcome, Higher, My Own Prison
Desperado, Hotel California, Life In The Fast Lane
Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Closer To The Heart
Cryin, Shut Up and Dance, Sweet Emotion
I Miss You, What's My Age Again, All the Small Things
In The End, New Divide, Numb
Think Twice, Inside Out, Beautiful Oblivion
Jump, Panama, Eruption
Paint It Black, Brown Sugar, Wild Horses
Fly From the Inside, 45, Cry for Help
Ties That Bind, Open Your Eyes, Metalingus
Empty Spaces, Shimmer, Bad Day
Last Cup Of Sorrow, Epic, Falling To Pieces
Alive, Jeremy, Better Man
Only One In Color, Headstrong, These Walls
Light My Fire, Hello I Love You, The End
Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love
Rock You Like a Hurricane, No One Like You, Wind of Change
Happy?, Dig, Forget to Remember
Homecoming Queen, Better Than Me, Get Stoned
Just Like Heaven, Love Song, Friday I'm In Love
Run To The Hills, The Trooper, 2 Minutes To Midnight
Paralyzer, One Thing, Falling On
No One Knows, Little Sister, 3's and 7's
Say Good Bye, Bad Girlfriend, Santa Monica
Warning, Drive, 11am
Would?, Check My Brain, Down in a Hole
Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust
Goodbye For Now, Youth of a Nation, Alive
Creatures (For A While), Beautiful Disaster, Down
Fall To Pieces, Slither, Set Me Free
Afterlife, Gunslinger, Bat Country
Schism, Parabola, Sober
Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, The Day I Tried To Live
I Get Off, It's Not You, Familiar Taste of Poison
With Or Without You, Beautiful Day, Vertigo
Love Like Winter, Miss Murder, Silver and Cold
21st Century (Digital Boy), American Jesus, Sorrow
Creep, Karma Police, No Surprises
Time Of Dying, Break, I Hate Everything About You
Control, Spaceship, Psycho
Dani California, Under the Bridge, Californication
Trash, Freak on a Leash, Coming Undone
Click Click Boom, Always, Ladies and Gentlemen
Flat Top, Slide, Name
Civil War, My Michelle, Welcome to the Jungle
Needles, Chop Suey, BYOB
Walk, Cowboys From Hell, I'm Broken
Gotta Get Away, Self Esteem, The Kids Aren't Alright
It's Not My Time, Kryptonite, When I'm Gone
Straight No Chaser, Little Things, Glycerine
Audience of One, Swing Life Away, Re-education Through Labor
Longview, Walking Contradiction, Macy's Day Parade
The Middle, Pain, Bleed American
The Red, Vitamin R (Leading Us Along), Jars
Walk Away From the Sun, Fine Again, Fake It
Thown Away, Infest, Getting Away With Murder
Wanted Man, Hell Yeah, Light It Up
My Hero, The Pretender, Everlong
Anarchy in the UK, Pretty Vacant, Holidays in the Sun
Crazy Train, Bark at the Moon, No More Tears
Enter Sandman, One, St. Anger
Bring Me to Life, My Immortal, Your Star
Who Says You Can't Go Home, Wanted Dead or Alive, It's My Life
Closer, The Hand That Feeds, Perfect Drug
Step Up, Bodies, Tear Away
Liberate, Ten Thousand Fists, Violent Fetish
Falling Down, Mudshovel, Fade
Back In Black, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell
More Than A Feeling, Long Time, A Man I'll Never Be
Sweet Home Alabama, Free Bird, Simple Man
So Cold, Give Me a Sign, Diary of Jane
Beautiful, Face to Face, Denial
Sorry, Crazy Bitch, Rescue Me
All the Same, Riptide, You're Going Down
Begging For Mercy, Scream Aim Fire, Your Betrayal
Wish You Were Here, Money, Comfortably Numb
The One, Nookie, Eat You Alive
Fat Lip, Still Waiting, In Too Deep
Re-align, Whatever, Straight Out of Line
Forgiven, Rebirthing, Whispers in the Dark
Before I Forget, Duality, Wait and Bleed
Jane Says, Mountain Song, Been Caught Stealing
Hey Jude, I Want To Hold Your Hand, A Hard Day's Night
(Don't Fear) The Reaper, Burnin' For You, Godzilla
Hey Joe, Fire, Purple Haze
Paranoid, War Pigs, Sweet Leaf
1979, Tonight Tonight, Cherub Rock
Never Enough, Stranger Than Fiction, The Bleeding

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