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Can you name the Team USA medalists from the 2012 Olympics?

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Gold (28/7)Swimming - Men's 400m Individual Medley
Silver (28/7)Swimming - Women's 400m Individual Medley
Silver (28/7)Archery - Men's Team
Bronze (28/7)Swimming - Men's 400m Freestyle
Bronze (28/7)Swimming - Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay
Gold (29/7)Swimming - Women's 100m Butterfly
Gold (29/7)Shooting - Women's Skeet
Silver (29/7)Diving - Women's Synchronised 3m
Silver (29/7)Swimming - Women's 400m Freestyle
Silver (29/7)Swimming - Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay
Bronze (29/7)Swimming - Men's 100m Breaststroke
Gold (30/7)Swimming - Men's 100m Backstroke
Gold (30/7)Swimming - Women's 100m Backstroke
Silver (30/7)Swimming - Men's 100m Backstroke
Silver (30/7)Swimming - Women's 100m Breaststroke
Bronze (30/7)Diving - Men's Synchronised 10m
Bronze (30/7)Judo - Women's 57kg
Gold (31/7)Shooting - Men's Skeet
Gold (31/7)Gymnastics - Women's Team All-Around
Gold (31/7)Swimming - Women's 200m Freestyle
Gold (31/7)Swimming - Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
Silver (31/7)Swimming - Men's 200m Butterfly
Bronze (31/7)Swimming - Women's 200m Individual Medley
Gold (1/8)Swimming - Women's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
Gold (1/8)Swimming - Men's 100m Freestyle
Gold (1/8)Cycling - Women's Time Trial
Bronze (1/8)Diving - Men's Synchronised 3m
Bronze (1/8)Rowing - Women's Quadruple Sculls
Bronze (1/8)Gymnastics - Men's All-Around
Gold (2/8)Gymnastics - Women's All-Around
Gold (2/8)Judo - Women's 78kg
Gold (2/8)Rowing - Women's Eight
Gold (2/8)Swimming - Men's 200m Individual Medley
Gold (2/8)Swimming - Men's 200m Backstroke
Gold (2/8)Swimming - Women's 200m Breaststroke
Silver (2/8)Swimming - Men's 200m Individual Medley
Bronze (2/8)Swimming - Men's 200m Backstroke
Gold (3/8)Swimming - Men's 100m Butterfly
Gold (3/8)Swimming - Women's 800m Freestyle
Gold (3/8)Swimming - Women's 200m Backstroke
Silver (3/8)Swimming - Men's 50m Freestyle
Bronze (3/8)Swimming - Women's 200m Backstroke
Bronze (3/8)Athletics - Men's Shot Put
Gold (4/8)Swimming - Men's 4x100m Medley Relay
Gold (4/8)Swimming - Women's 4x100m Medley Relay
Gold (4/8)Shooting - Women's 50m Rifle Three Positions
Gold (4/8)Tennis - Women's Singles
Gold (4/8)Tennis - Men's Doubles
Silver (4/8)Athletics - Women's 100m
Silver (4/8)Athletics - Men's 10000m
Silver (4/8)Cycling - Women's Team Pursuit
Bronze (4/8)Athletics - Men's Long Jump
Bronze (4/8)Rowing - Men's Coxless Four
Bronze (4/8)Fencing - Women's Team Epee
Gold (5/8)Athletics - Women's 400m
Gold (5/8)Tennis - Women's Doubles
Silver (5/8)Gymnastics - Women's Vault
Bronze (5/8)Athletics - Men's 100m
Bronze (5/8)Athletics - Women's 400m
Bronze (5/8)Tennis - Mixed Doubles
Gold (6/8)Athletics - Women's Pole Vault
Silver (6/8)Athletics - Men's 400m Hurdles
Bronze (6/8)Shooting - Men's 50m Rifle Three Positions
Gold (7/8)Gymnastics - Women's Floor
Silver (7/8)Cycling - Women's Omnium
Silver (7/8)Athletics - Men's 1500m
Silver (7/8)Athletics - Men's High Jump
Silver (7/8)Athletics - Women's 100m Hurdles
Bronze (7/8)Athletics - Women's 100m Hurdles
Bronze (7/8)Gymnastics - Women's Balance Beam
Gold (8/8)Athletics - Men's 110m Hurdles
Gold (8/8)Athletics - Women's 200m
Gold (8/8)Athletics - Women's Long Jump
Gold (8/8)Volleyball - Women's Beach
Silver (8/8)Volleyball - Women's Beach
Silver (8/8)Athletics - Men's 110m Hurdles
Silver (8/8)Athletics - Women's 400m Hurdles
Bronze (8/8)Athletics - Women's 200m
Bronze (8/8)Athletics - Women's Long Jump
Bronze (8/8)Boxing - Women's Flyweight
Bronze (8/8)Wrestling - Women's Freestyle 48kg
Gold (9/8)Boxing - Women's Middleweight
Gold (9/8)Athletics - Men's Triple Jump
Gold (9/8)Athletics - Men's Decathlon
Gold (9/8)Football - Women's Tournament
Gold (9/8)Water Polo - Women's Tournament
Silver (9/8)Swimming - Women's 10km Open Water
Silver (9/8)Athletics - Men's Decathlon
Silver (9/8)Athletics - Men's Triple Jump
Bronze (9/8)Taekwondo - Men's 68kg
Gold (10/8)Athletics - Women's 4x100m Relay
Gold (10/8)Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 74kg
Silver (10/8)Atthletics - Men's 4x400m Relay
Bronze (10/8)Taekwondo - Women's 67kg
Gold (11/8)Diving - Men's 10m
Gold (11/8)Athletics - Women's 4x400m Relay
Gold (11/8)Basketball - Women's Tournament
Silver (11/8)Volleyball - Women's Tournament
Silver (11/8)Athletics - Men's 4x100m Relay
Silver (11/8)Athletics - Women's High Jump
Bronze (11/8)Cycling - Women's Cross Country
Bronze (11/8)Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 60kg
Gold (12/8)Wrestling - Men's Freestyle 96kg
Gold (12/8)Basketball - Men's Tournament

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