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Description [Possible Answers]Pokémon
A Water-type that starts with O. [3]
A pure Steel-type. [2]
A Dark-type that starts with either A, N or P. [3]
A non-Poison-type that can learn Acid Armor (No Smeargle). [5]
The only Ice/Grass Dual Types. [2]
The only single-type pokemon that evolves from a dual-type. [1]
It is a Grass-type that starts with a T. [6]
A Pokémon that can learn Mirror Shot (Not Smeargle). [5])
A Pokémon with the Battle Armor trait. [6]
A Normal-type with another type that is not flying. [2]
An Electric dual-type. [7]
A Pokémon that can learn Camouflage (Not Smeargle). [3])
A Pokémon that begins with U. [4]
Description [Possible Answers]Pokémon
A Ghost dual-type that is uniquely typed. [4]
A non-Ice-type that can use Icicle Spear (Not Smeargle). [3]
A Pokémon who can have the trait Anticipation. [5]
A non-legendary with Clear Body. [5]
A Pokémon that starts with 'E' and only has 5 letters in its name. [3]
A non-Grass-type that learns Absorb (Not Smeargle). [3)
A Pokémon that starts with 'M' and has the fewest amount of letters in its name. [2]
A Normal-type that starts with 'H'. [2]
A Pokémon that has no weaknesses normally. [2]
A Dragon 3-Stage family that all start with the same letter. [6-2 Families]
A Pokémon that starts with 'G', but has more than 8 letters. [5]
A Pokémon that ends in -uff, but has no relation to Jigglypuff. [1]

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