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Person, place, or thing
The liontaur paladin
The warrior woman of the Simbani
The warrior woman's child
The big villian in the second game
The 'Dark Master'
The 'Dumbledore' of the series
The most powerful rat in the games
Bouncing creature from game one
Name of the greatest threat to mordavia
The Sultan of Shapier
The names of the 4 big monsters in game number 2
The cat-like creatures in every game but 4
The apothecary from game 2
The even witch from game 1 who appears again in game 4
Mage who creates places of peace
Person, place, or thing
Color of the Hero's hair
Name of water enchantress in game 2
Name of the Laibon's son in game 3
The thief in game 3
Name of the inn back in Speilburg
Name of the inn back in Shapeir
Shapeir's sister city
Captain of the guard in game 2
Name of criminal leader in game 2
The most powerful Genie in the series
Name of the vampire girl in game 4
Name of the creature who gives his life for the vampire girl
Owner of a magic carpet
Name of Kreesha's people
City of vast pyramids where honor is vital

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