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Can you name the films to appear in Sight & Sound magazine's best-film polls since 1952?

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Director / CountryTitleYear
Federico Fellini / Italy1963
Stanley Kubrick / United Kingdom & United States1968
Jean Vigo / France1934
Michelangelo Antonioni / Italy1960
Sergei Eisenstein / Russia1925
Vittorio de Sica / Italy1948
David Lean / United Kingdom1945
Orson Welles / United States1941
Charlie Chaplin / United States1931
Marcel Carne / France1939
Buster Keaton & Clyde Bruckman / United States1927
Francis Ford Coppola / United States1972/74
Charlie Chaplin / United States1925
Erich von Stroheim / United States1924
D.W. Griffith / United States1916
Sergei Eisenstein / Russia1944/58
Director / CountryTitleYear
Robert Flaherty / United States1948
Orson Welles / United States1942
Carl Dreyer / France1928
Satyajit Ray / India1955
Ingmar Bergman / Sweden1966
Jean Renoir / France1939
John Ford / United States1956
Akira Kurosawa / Japan1954
Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly / United States1952
F.W. Murnau / United States1927
Luchino Visconti / Italy1948
Yasujiro Ozu / Japan1953
Kenji Mizoguchi / Japan1953
Alfred Hitchcock / United States1958
Ingmar Bergman / Sweden1957

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