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Can you name the cameos by Alfred Hitchcock in his films based upon the description?

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Not a traditional cameo; introducing the film before the opening credits while strongly backlit.
At the close of the opening credits, strolling in silhouette at the top of a long flight of stairs in Quebec.
At the end of the opening credits, running to catch a New York City bus but arriving just as the doors close.
Sitting on a London subway train behind the lead characters, engaging in a stare-down with a young boy who is pestering him.
During a tennis court sequence, leaving through a side gate carrying a walking stick.
In a crowd listening to a political speech, wearing a black bowler hat.
Walking past a phone booth where a gentleman makes a call to the main characters' housekeeper.
Looking down reading a newspaper and walking past the hero as he leaves his London hotel.
Watching an arrest take place below as part of a crowd at an upper railing, while an angry crowd attempts to beat up the title character.
In a newspaper ad for Reduco Obesity Slayer.
Sitting in a Copenhagen hotel with a baby in his lap, with the music briefly changing to 'Funeral March of the Marionette.'
Walking by, then turning back to give a prolonged look at an aspiring young actress disguised as an older actress' maid.
Walking on the platform at Victoria Station in London as the lead couple returns to the city, smoking a cigarette.
In trademark sideview caricature as part of a neon sign flashing briefly outside an apartment window.
Shortly before a murder, watching acrobatics at a Marrakech outdoor market.
While the hero escapes from a music theater, walking by and tossing some litter in front of a bus.
Passing a San Francisco shipyard office carrying a horn case.
Emerging from a hotel room and looking at the camera as the title character, wearing a black wig, leaves the hotel.
Wearing a large cowboy hat on the sidewalk outside a Phoenix real estate office.
As a party guest at an ex-Nazi's mansion, sipping a glass of champagne.
Walking with a woman past the boarding house where the title misdeed took place.
Deboarding a train at a station in England, carrying a cello case.
Awkwardly boarding a train while carrying a double bass.
Being pushed in a wheelchair at LaGuardia Airport, then standing up and greeting a man.
Walking in the distance by a parked limousine while an old man looks at an outdoor art exhibition.
In silhouette behind a frosted door labeled 'Registrar of Births and Deaths.'
Playing a card game on a train to Santa Rosa with a hand full of spades.
Leaving a San Francisco pet shop walking his two pet dogs.
In a black-tie class reunion photo, looking back at the camera.
Sitting in the rear of the bus next to a cat burglar, staring straight ahead.
Outside a courthouse posing as a photographer holding a camera, while a prisoner makes his escape.
Walking past one of the title characters in front of the building where he lives with the other title character.
Leaving an elevator at the Empire State Hotel, carrying a violin case and smoking a cigarette.
Mailing a letter at a village mailbox as the heroine meets a friend in town.
Winding a clock in the songwriter's apartment across the courtyard.
At a newsstand outside a Cut Rate Drugs store in New York City.
In the Sydney town square during a parade, donned in blue coat and brown hat.

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