Princess Bride Characters

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Can you name the Princess Bride Characters (from the book)?

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Hero with many identities
Begins as a milkmaid, ends up a princess
The Spaniard, a Wizard
The Sicilian
The Turk
Owner of the Zoo of Death
Author of a definitive study on pain
Retired and living like a king in Patagonia
Beautiful French scullery maid
Queen of Florin
King of Florin
Uses the Encyclopedia of Spells, Hex Appendix
Not a witch
Bald princess from Guilder
Not the Dread Pirate Roberts
Not the real Dread Pirate Roberts either
Madrid's finest sword maker
The only Scot who ever understood swords
The albino's cousin, Chief of All Enforcement
Deaf clergyman
Great Florinese author of 'The Princess Bride'
Maker of the 6-fingered sword

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