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GEOGRAPHY: One of the Caribbean Saint countries, capital Kingstown
MUSIC: Band, Anthony Kiedis, Michael 'Flea et al, Californication
MOVIES: Main franchise name, Jack Sparrow
MOVIES: First Chewbacca, Skywalker, Darth Vader movie
HISTORY: Monarch of the United Kingdom since 1953
GEOGRAPHY: Country bordering Canada and Mexico
GEOGRAPHY: Administrative capital of Sri Lanka
LITERATURE: Tolkien, Sauron, Aragorn
HISTORY: Global war in 1939-1945
GEOGRAPHY: Country in Africa, Zaire
MOVIES: First Mike Myers agent parody
MOVIES: The fourth movie about green ogre
HISTORY: 32nd President of the United States
GEOGRAPHY: Country in Africa, capital Bangui
MOVIES: Jack Nicholson in a mental institution
SPORTS: Team with most Premier League titles
GEOGRAPHY: One just perfect length country name
MOVIES: Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet can't remember things
LITERATURE: A series of epic fantasy novels, Targaryens, Lannisters, Starks etc. can't decide who is the new king/queen
TELEVISION: Neil Patrick Harris (too long name) plays Barney Stinson

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