SaGa Frontier Characters

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Jailbait, swords
Half Mystic
Ship nurse
Magician, evil half
Monster, bioresearch experiment
Looking for her brother in the ruins
Shady medical practices
Jailbait, guns
Nakajima lacky
Kung fu
Secret agent man
The village drunk
Mystic man
Lord of space
Genius, becomes a mec
Jailbait, fists
Deadbeat son, musician
Like light magic and rings
Sells guns in Koorong
Mec, likes to meditate
Badass flight attendant
Space portal
Last of his kind
The boss
Magician, good half
Skeleton king
Mystic, missing shadow
Monster, rather sticky
Made of scraps
Lord of time
Monster, Russian delight
Mystic princess
Speed Prototype
Evil mystic

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