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Mecha. Punch or Shoot your Enemies, Dash and JetBoosts
Turtle Shells, Bananas and Wheels
Speedy Basher, Sword and Arrows and A Floating Fatman
Stinging Bees, Apples and Bombs; All from trees. Dont piss off the chickens!
Wall Jumping, Power Ups after every level, Sub Tanks
Sheriff and Astronaut
Get thrown in a time portal, Fight on a pirate ship, in space, and recover the statue of liberty!
Mercenaries hired to take the air space. Twin blasters!
Go back and forth through time to stop a dangerous event!
Double Jumping, Hidden treasure chests, lances and daggers, and an ending that makes you play it all over again to beat it.
Contains 4 games of this classic. Eventually added a 5th
Swap between Partners, usually rescued via barrel.

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