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Well we obviously can't leave you alone with a __________
And did you tell _______ you love him. Did you say '____________, I love you.' (both blanks same word)
'If you have to go, just... go!' 'What? What am I, five years old?' 'This is my car! It's only a ________.'
'Congratulations on the ___________.' 'What ________?' (both blanks same word)
'Would you like anything?' 'I'd really like some _____________.' 'I could send send out for one.' 'Don't be silly; if you're going to send out for one, get a whole a box.'
'And didn't I memo you as to what constitutes an emergency.' 'Large meteor, loss of blood, and what was the third one again?' '___________!'
'Hi, would you sign my ____?' 'Oh, ______! I see what you mean. Sorry, I thought it was a medicaI term. You had me all excited.' (both blanks same word)
'(George speaking to Lucy) Where did you go to law school?' '____________'
'Well, I can't get in to see Trump and the Zegmans have a ______________________.' (two words)
'Leaving aside the fact that they've taken perfectIy good forests... ...and denuded them in order to produce this nonrecycIabIe paper......I wouId say it was.... Well, then this on
'PIease, consider this my two weeks' notice.' 'I find you __________.' '______________?' 'Yes, ___________.' '____________?!' 'Yes.' (both blanks same word)
'I am unempIoyabIe! You called everyone except for ____________' 'That is not true. I did call _________________. They didn't want you.' (two words)
'No. Look, I can bend Llke a __________.'
'You know what I Iove even more than chess?' 'Pokémon?' '____________.' (two words)
'His name is _________. Yeah. _______ in my bed.' (both blanks same word)
'Well, that was a very nice speech you just made... ...and I'm going to reaLLy miss everyone here at Wade. There are a mllLlon memories I wouIdn't trade... ...and if you ever get a
I can waIk from one side of this apartment to the other in ________ seconds.

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