Sports / Sports - Real or Fake?

Random Sports or Minefield Quiz

Can you name the real sports among those I made up?

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Forced OrderWrong Answers
SportAnswerCountry of Origin
Sperm Race
Cheese Rolling
Chess Boxing
Rubik's Cube Solving
Speed Weed
Llama Yodeling
Money Burning
Extreme Ironing
Pig Rolling
Slow Swimming
Nude Running
Stinging Nettle Eating
Water Pistol Wars
Wife Carrying
Frog Tiddlywinks
SportAnswerCountry of Origin
Homeless Hunting
Shin Kicking
Worm Fiddling
Dwarf Tossing
Camel Wrestling
Bog Snorkeling
Fast House Building
Plank Walking
Cup Stacking
Parallel Parking
Hairiest Back
Grass Cutting
Elephant Launching
Three-Sided Football

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