Baldur's Gate NPCs

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Can you name the joinable NPCs in the Baldur's Gate series?

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Cleric / MageLawful Good
PaladinLawful Good
ThiefChaotic Good
Cleric / FighterLawful Neutral
ClericTrue Neutral
ShapeshifterTrue Neutral
Fighter / ThiefChaotic Good
InvokerLawful Good
ConjurerLawful Evil
BardNeutral Evil
DruidTrue Neutral
BardChaotic Neutral
BladeChaotic Neutral
Mage / ThiefNeutral Good
Fighter / DruidTrue Neutral
Illusionist / ThiefChaotic Neutral
FighterLawful Evil
InquisitorLawful Good
FighterNeutral Good
RangerChaotic Good
BerserkerChaotic Evil
FighterLawful Good
RangerChaotic Good
Fighter / ThiefNeutral Evil
Mage / ThiefChaotic Good
Cleric / IllusionistChaotic Neutral
ThiefChaotic Neutral
FighterChaotic Evil
FighterChaotic Evil
ThiefTrue Neutral
Cleric / ThiefChaotic Evil
StalkerNeutral Good
ClericNeutral Evil
EnchanterLawful Neutral
NecromancerChaotic Evil
Fighter / ClericLawful Good
Bounty HunterTrue Neutral

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