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What type of potion was made by Snape to ease Lupin's monthly werewolf transformation
Name the over enthusiastic knight whose painting guards Gryffindor tower after the Fat Lady is attacked by Sirius
When is Ron Weasley's birthday
Madame Maxime's first name is
What is the native language of Goblins
Which enchantment deep inside Gringott's bank washes away all magical spells and effects
Which beverage makes Winky the House Elf drunk to the shame of the other Hogwarts' house elves
What was the first password Harry had to remember to enter the Gryffindor common room
What are the first names of Tom Riddle's mother and maternal uncle
What is the reason Dumbledore gives for Cedric, Harry's Parents and the old muggle caretaker coming out of Voldemort's wand
Ron failed his Apparition test because he left this behind
Both members of the Slug Club, Gwenog Jones and Ginny Weasley go on to play for which professional Quidditch team
What is the name of the wizard who served Harry complimentary ice cream cones and helped him with his homework in Diagon Alley
Name the liquid which Madam Pomfrey gives to Harry after Professor Lockheart de-bones Harry's arm
According to Fred and George, Percy's Head Boy badge (H.B.) stands for
Which beverage do Hagrid and Slughorn drink after the funeral for Aragog
How many educational decrees did Umbridge manage to push through during her one year in power
Which Hufflepuff thinks that Harry has attacked him by egging on a snake during Dueling practice
After escaping from Hogwarts, Sirius renames Buckbeak to what
When the Dursleys take Harry along on Dudley's birthday visit to the zoo, which frozen treat do they end up begrudingly buying him
Nearly Headless Nick's death day also falls on which holiday
During their Christmas dinner, what type of hat came out of Dumbledore's Christmas cracker
What are the '3 D's of Apparition', according to Twycross
If you want to curry favor with Horace Slughorn, one might offer him this confection
When asked about the Horcrux locket around her neck, Umbridge says the S stands for what 'family' name
Where does Hermione buy Crookshanks
Name the driver and ticket taker of the Knight Bus
Tonks was sorted into which House
What is the First Exception to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration
Golpalott's Third Law is a potion's law relating to antidotes for what
What is Harry's favourite dessert
Name Hepzibah Smith's house elf, whose memory aided in the pursuit of the cup
What was the final score of the Quidditch World Cup in which Ireland triumphed over Bulgaria despite Krum catching the Golden Snitch
What does Ron say that the Lovegood's house reminds him of
What is Aragog's wife's name
Who was the man named Minister of Magic under Voldemort's Death Eater puppet regime
After Fred and George Weasley leave Hogwarts, who does Harry choose as the Gryffindor Beaters
Which friend of Dumbldore did Harry meet and talk to at Bill and Fleur's wedding
What riddle did Luna answer to get herself and Harry into the Ravenclaw common room
Dumbledore's favourite type of jam is
During their first trip to Hogwarts on the train, Ron tells Harry he's only missing these two Chocolate Frog cards
What are the names of the Death Eaters that appear in Tottenham Court and try to capture the trio, after they escape from the wedding
Name the muggle woman who speaks to Dumbledore at Wool's orphanage, where Tom Riddle grew up
Which Gryffindor can see thestrals, other than Harry, in the Care of Magical Creatures Class
According to 'Weasley is our King', where was Ron born
Name the muggle caretaker of the old Riddle mansion who is killed by Voldemort, and comes out of his wand, along with Cedric, Lily and James, at the end of Goblet of Fire.
In The Tales of Beedle the Bard, how does the final brother greet Death?
Gringott's goblins use this type of instrument to keep the blind dragon at bay
Xenophilius Lovegood wore robes of which colour to the summer wedding of Fleur and Bill
What on the lawn of Malfoy Manor startles Yaxley and Snape as they enter
What is the incantation of the spell Tonks uses to mend Harry's broken nose
Which book did Crouch (disguised as Moody) give to Neville, in the hopes that he would discover gillyweed and offer it to Harry as a solution
What is the first password used in Harry's presence to access the Headmaster's office
What is Kingsley's codename on the radio program Potterwatch
What ordinary object is the portkey that takes them to the World Cup
Barring the true invisibility cloak handed down in the Peverell family, you could make a lesser invisibility cloak by using a Bedazzling Hex, Disillusionment Charm or hair of which
Mr. Weasley's co-worker gave him the tent used at the Quidditch World Cup because he was suffering from what ailment, and didn't use it anymore
Slughorn is impressed by Ginny's use of which spell
Name the witch who was on trial for allegedly stealing a wand during the Deathly Hallows (Ron's Polyjuice potion = her husband)
Much to Fleur's chagrin during the Christmas holidays, Mrs. Weasley loves to listen to this singer

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