Canadian Provinces by Symbols

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Name the Canadian provinces/territories by official bird/flower/tree.

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Atlantic puffinpitcher plant - black spruce
black-capped chickadeepurple violet - balsam fir
blue jaylady's slipper - red oak
common loonwhite trillium - Eastern white pine
great grey owlprairie crocus - white spruce
great horned owlwild rose - lodgepole pine
ospreymayflower - red spruce
sharp-tailed grouseWestern red lily - white birch
snowy owlblue flag - yellow birch
Steller's jayPacific dogwood - Western red cedar
gyrfalconmountain avens - tamarack larch
common ravenfirewood - subalpine fir
rock ptarmiganpurple saxifraga - [none]

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