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Starting letter/non-taboo cluesWordTaboo words
A- to irk someone
B- terse
C- Japanese dining tools
D- child's toy abode
E- repeat performance
F- torte coating
G- book series by R. L. Stine
H- a long sandwich
I- not assimilating food well
J- catchy ad melody
K- e minor is one
L- state gambling game
M- bourbon and vermouth cocktail
N- edgy
O- s/he straightens incisors
P- trip booklet
Q- stitched sofa throw
R- ovine male
S- a long sandwich
T- weather noise
U- he makes the calls on the diamond
V- informally, a fiddle
W- enunciate quietly
X- show starring Gillian Anderson*
Y- internet quest page
Z- University of Akron athlete

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