Regions Separated from Mainlands

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Can you name the countries, given their geographically remote regions?

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Region(s)Part of (country)Location of Region(s)
French GuianaSouth America
Franz Josef LandArctic Ocean
Easter IslandSouth Pacific Ocean
SocotraIndian Ocean
Akrotiri, DhekeliaCyprus
Galapagos IslandsPacific Ocean
AlaskaNorth America
Guadeloupe, MartiniqueCarribbean Sea
Azores, Madeira IslandsNorth Atlantic Ocean
Andaman Islands, Lakshadweep, Nicobar IslandsIndian Ocean
HawaiiNorth Pacific Ocean
Annobon, BiokoGulf of Guinea
Musandam PeninsulaArabian Peninsula
Region(s)Part of (country)Location of Region(s)
Canary IslandsNorth Atlantic Ocean
Ceuta and MelillaNorth Africa
Chatham IslandsSouth Pacific Ocean
CorsicaMediterranean Sea
Northern IrelandIreland
ReunionIndian Ocean
Sabah and SarawakBorneo
SardiniaMediterranean Sea
Balearic IslandsMediterranean Sea
Bonin Islands, Daito Islands, Ryukyu Islands, Volcano IslandsNorth Pacific Ocean
Arquipelago de Fernando de NoronhaSouth Atlantic Ocean
Kuril IslandsNorth Pacific Ocean
Agalega Islands, RodriguesIndian Ocean

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