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Name the the words when spelled forwards, then backwards, forms a phrase*

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cluephrase# of letters
Best cooking vessel3-3
Consumed the 7th Greek letter3-3
Place to set a Scottish hat3-3
Springtime sweet potato3-3
Alter a water current4-4
Amaze crazy people4-4
Celebrity rodents4-4
Cement pond curve4-4
Encounter a downpour4-4
Evening bugle call argument4-4
cluephrase# of letters
Frost on Arab prince4-4
Puncture baseball clubs4-4
Rob an implement4-4
Send out the 4th dimension4-4
Streetcar store4-4
Tiny insect in 'space' drink4-4
Underground larva city4-4
Wild canine movement4-4
Bumps on a soda tube5-5
Leather strip components5-5

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