English Monarchs by Father's Name

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Name the English monarchs (since 1066) by father's name.

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Charles I (son 1)
Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick
Henry VIII (daughter 2)
Robert, Duke of Normandy
George III (son 2)
George I
Richard, Duke of York (son 1)
James II (daughter 2)
Henry II (son 1)
Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent
Charles I (son 2)
William I (son 2)
James II (daughter 1)
Edward, the Black Prince
Edward I
Frederick, Prince of Wales
George V* (son 1)
George V (son 2)
Henry III
Henry VIII (son)
Henry II (son 2)
Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
George III (son 1)
William I (son 1)
Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond
Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk*
Edward VII
Count Geoffrey of Anjou
Henry VII
George VI
William, Prince of Orange
Edward II
Henry I*
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster
Henry IV
Henry VIII (daughter 1)
Stephen, Count of Blois
Edward IV*
Henry V
Richard, Duke of York (son 2)
James I
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

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