English Monarch by Mother's Name

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Can you name the English monarchs since 1066 by mother's name?

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Mother's nameMonarchReign
Blanche of Lancaster
Matilda of Flanders (son 2)
Henrietta Maria of France (son 1)
Mary of Teck (son 2)
Lady Frances Brandon*
Matilda of Flanders (son 1)
Matilda of Scotland*
Eleanor of Aquitaine (son 1)
Mary de Bohun
Anne of Denmark
Anne Hyde, Duchess of York (daughter 1)
Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg (son 2)
Herleva of Falaise
Lady Anne Boleyn
Alexandra of Denmark
Mary Stuart, Princess Royal
Elizabeth Woodville*
Lady Cecily Neville (son 1)
Catherine of Aragon
Isabella of Angouleme
Margaret Beaufort of Richmond
Mother's nameMonarchReign
Lady Jane Seymour
Mary of Teck*
Sophia Dorothea of Celle
Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Saafeld
Elizabeth of York
Mary Queen of Scots
Eleanor of Provence
Eleanor of Aquataine (son 2)
Isabella of France
Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Duchess of York
Adela of Normandy
Catherine of Valois
Eleanor of Castile
Joan of Kent
Henrietta Maria of France (son 2)
Sophia of the Palatinate
Victoria of Saxe-Coburg
Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg (son 1)
Anne Hyde, Duchess of York (daughter 2)
Lady Cecily Neville (son 2)

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