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I cut your face out of our old photographs and all the junk you left behind is in the trash. 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans
I was a gypsy lost in the twilight zone Have a Nice Day
Youre really on your knees, when you think youre standing tall These Days
I don't need no needle to be givin' me a thrillNew Jersey
I hitched a ride with forgiveness in that river of emotion I went down a third time.Lost Highway
Well, it was me and Danny and Bobby, we cut each others hands and held tight to a promise only brothers understand. New Jersey
But it's just the wind blowing through the secrets that we keep These Days
I'm on the outside, looking inside whose on the wrong side now100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans
Take a look around you; nothing's what it seems Have a Nice Day
We stared at the sun and we made a promise A promise this world would never blind us. Keep the Faith
I close my eyes and picture your hand in mine I still hear your voice that takes me back to that time Lost Highway
Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it's not for days and the people that I meet always go their separate waysSlippery When Wet
Yesterdays a memory another page in history, you sell yourself on hope and dreams that leave you feeling sideways Have A Nice Day
A different line every night guaranteed to blow your mindSee you out on the streets, call me for a wild time Bon Jovi
Should have drove all night, would have run all the lights.Bounce
Hey man Im alive Im takin each day and night at a time Cross Road
Well I saw Captain Kidd on Sunset, tell his boys they're in command Slippery When Wet
Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake,Luck ain't even lucky, got to make your own breaks Crush
It's good to see your face, you ain't no worse for wear, breathing that California airCrush
I said I don't think so preacher i'll come back another day. Keep the Faith

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