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White house designer?
Can you Disapparate out of Hogwarts?
126 times 14
Percy Jacksons half brother?
Color of blue jays' eggs?
Most common favorite color?
Number of black squares on a chessboard?
Son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono?
Coco Puffs with peanut butter?
Is hypnotism dangerous?
First movie made in color?
'You make me________'
Crab that can crack open coconuts?
'Money can't buy me ______'
Element named after America?
'Just a small town girl living in a ________'
When was Jamestown founded?
Where would a compass point if you covered it in ketchup and put it at the bottom of a well in Norway?
Name of the hippo in the movie 'Madagascar'?
Main character of the novel 'Wicked'?
'You would not believe your eyes if 10 million ______'

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