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What is the novel's famous first line (as translated by Pevear and Volokhonsky)?
When was Anna Karenina published?
What are Anna's last words in the novel before throwing herself in front of a train?
Who does Levin kick out of the house due to jealousy?
What hobby does Count Vronsky take up when he and Anna venture to Italy?
Tolstoy claims 'Anna Karenina' is his '____ ____ novel.'
Where does the epigraph ('Vengeance is mine, I will repay') come from?
Who is set to star as Anna Karenina in the film version of the novel set to release in 2012?
Anna Karenina’s char­ac­ter was inspired by who?
At the time Tolstoy wrote the book, divorce was only granted in Russia because of: phys­i­cal dis­abil­ity of spouses, a miss­ing spouse (for years), or ____.
At Stiva's dinner party, the intellectual conversation between Pestsov and Koznyshev became most heated when what issue came up?
Which character is a semi-autographical portrayal of Tolstoy's life?
In how many parts is the novel divided?
Nabokov prefers what alternative title of 'Anna Karenina'?
Where does the opera scene occur?
What article of clothing causes a huge stir before the wedding of Levin and Kitty?
Tolstoy drew inspiration for Kitty from whom in his life?
Anna has two children. What are their names?

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