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Can you name the as many desserts as you can?

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Sponge cake, cream.
topped with icing and candles
Cherries,Kircsh, chocolate
carrots, cream cheese
cream cheese and pastry
candied fruit
Yolk, sugar, butter, flour
Mixture of flavours including vanilla, coffee, and/or chocolate
butter sugar
Pumpkin sometimes chocolate
red colouring and cocoa
flour, shortening, eggs, sugar and chocolate morsels
Folded biscuit with a 'fortune' written on paper inside.
A type of sugar cookie made with butter or oil, sugar, and flour rolled in cinnamon sugar. Most distinctive feature is the cracked surface that can be crisp or soft depending on pr
A very simple cookie made from sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and either baking powder or baking soda. They are often glazed with icing and decorated with chocolate or sprink

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