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'I wish I knew how an engine worked'
'He had a right to know how his countryman died, in the arms of a ****'
'I'd give you a smack if I didn't want to kiss you so much I could burst'
'Because I think very highly of you'
'Please tell me this concerns some property and not the former Mrs Bates'
'I'm not sorry, you know. Not a bit. I would marry you now if I wasn't already your wife'
'Would I ever admit to loving a man who preferred someone else over me?'
'I'm ready for a new adventure and I don't care who hears me'
'I've booked the registrar'
'Anthony Strallen is at least my age and as dull as paint'
'Oh, my God. She's eloped. She's on her way to Gretna Green'
'I will not give him up!'
'I'm afraid Edith will be the one to care for us in our old age'
'You have given me the power to destroy you'
'I deserve to be unhappy, so does Mary'
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'I cannot use my library because one the maids is in there applying for another job?'
'My life makes me angry, not you'
'Daddy's a solicitor, like Matthew'
'Do you promise?'
'Thank you that was beautiful'
'I'm going to fetch my button box'
'Lady Mary broke her own heart'
'For now God knows it's enough that I can kiss you'
'I cannot work where I am not valued
'Mary is still in love with you'
'No. Now let's not muddy the pool by discussing Sir Richard'
'Edith, you are a lady! Not Toad of Toad Hall'
'I don't know what a sous-chef is'
'I have plenty of friends I don't like'
'He understands. He knows this is just the sprat to catch the mackerel'

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