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Can you name the facts about Downton Abbey's Anna Smith?

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Portrayed by
Full Name (prior to marriage)
Also ladies maid for
Shares room with (season 1)
First line of dialogue
Falls in love with
He is portrayed by
Another valet that admires her
Helps discard this man's body
Moves him with these two members of the family
Falls ill in this episode
Mr Bates takes her a...
Supports Mr Bates when this item of Lord Grantham's is stolen
Quotes one of her mum's sayings
Threatens to hide stolen item in these servants rooms
Declares her love to Mr Bates when they are walking to the...
Goes to London with this character
Meets with Mr Bates'...
Shares room with (season 2)
Receives a proposal in the
Her world turns upside down by the arrival of...
Mr Bates' perfect description of that woman
She is played by
Finally gets married in this episode

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