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I bring my team a good rapture. / You're team makes an easy capture. / I'll lock you down, / To the depths and below, / And keep moving forwards thereafter.
You could say I bark, but I really don't bite. / I'm a sap for your bait and I'm good with a smite. / And though it's a wonder how on earth I can walk, / I'll stick with this curse
Although he's armored, he's got a weapon of his own. / A mighty pen creates swords we still don't know. / Envisioned as a master tactician, / His staple champ could not be more dif
A yordle fit for Yorick's kind, / To my past, I'm fully blind. / And though I can't just pull you in, / I guarantee you'll cry 'They win!'
I get reported for rage all the time, / But try as you might, I'll never die. / With a classic name all rioters know, / I'm head of the league and I live in the snow.
Some call me commanding, / But I swear I'm not demanding! / I'm finally getting wound up, / With my weapon-partner for backup. /// HINT: This one is 99% based on the champion's kit
Brought up in Noxus, where killing is the sport, / I tried the military, but it's so stale, so archaic, I was not one of the sort. / With each flawless throw, I'd woo the crowd d w
No one complains that I'm camping. / Though I barely move, I'll fight anyone. / Lizards seem to like me as I'm a stone cold fox, / Yet my brothers stay far away from me.
Once a hero, I'll smack you in the face. / I'll drain the tank and score an ace! / An outcast, yet a servant still, / I fight my battles with a newfound chill.
The elder of my tribe created me, when all they wanted was immortality, / I encountered a man that gave me a weapon that didn't seem to agree with reality. / Once I perfected a sty
They threw me in a jail, and let me go delirious, / when I said I was terrifying, the other champions said 'you can't be serious!' / I will be patient, and in forty minutes they'll
With armor harder than steel, / And CC so long its unreal. / Reflect your attack, / I'll give it right back, / Then say 'Ok' with great zeal
I'll scream in your face / and ingest your whole race. / Whoever tries to stop me, / I'll knock up out of place.

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