American Museums by Important Artifacts

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Can you name the American museums by three important artifacts in their collection?

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ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz/Abraham Lincoln's top hat/flag that inspired Star-Spangled Banner
Pioneer Zephyr/U-505 German submarine/Apollo 8 Spacecraft
Rosa Parks bus/car in which J.F.K. was assassinated/the chair from Ford's Theatre in which Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
Wright Flyer/Spirit of St. Louis/Apollo 11 command module
Starry Night/Campbell's Soup Cans/The Persistance of Memory
Sue/Lions of Tsavo/Lyuba
Enola Gay/Space Shuttle Enterprise*/Gemini VII Capsule
Washington Crosses the Delaware/The Great Wave off Kanagawa/ Vincent Van Gogh: Self-Portrait with Straw Hat
Casablanca piano/real Maltese Falcon/The Dark Knight costumes
American Gothic/Bedroom in Arles/Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

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