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What was the full name of the founder of Lionel?
What year was the Lionel Corporation founded?
What year did the Lionel Corporation start making trains
What was Lionel's first train?
What was Lionel's highest selling train of all time?
What was the founder's favorite Lionel model?
Where is Lionel headquartered?
Who is Lionel's mascot?
What other model train brand was Lionel's main competitor and rival?
What is Lionel's current main competitor?
What year did the Lionel Corporation go out of business?
What year was Lionel L.L.C. founded?
What year were Lionel Trains inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame?
What spot did Lionel rank on VH1's list of the 100 greatest toys of all time?
Who is Lionel's current owner?

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