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Can you name the meaning of the following words from the 50-50 options provided?

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Minutiae - small details or small hairs
Denouement - heavy rain or story ending
Effusive - displaying emotion or talkative
Prescience - foresight or cunning
Elan - weariness or style
Supine - lying flat or wolflike
Expectorate - spit out or vehemently deny
Malapropism - misuse of words or unsightly blemish
Artifice - cleverness or malice
Ennui - excitement or listlessness
Tumultuous - obese or turbulent
Gregarious - transparent or sociable
Pontificate - behave pompously or papal officer
Egregious - drunk or very bad
Taciturn - kite-shaped or silent
Luxuriant - expensive or fast-growing

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