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Name one of... Answer
Santa's reindeer (except Rudolf)
Scandanavian countries
Seven dwarfs
Zodiac sign beginning with a vowel
Three Tenors
Primary colour
Seven deadly sins
Member of Girls Aloud
Batman film actor
Three Musketeers
Actors who star in Friends
Wife of Henry VIII
D-Day beach code names
The Rolling Stones
Great Lakes
Name one of... Answer
Horsemen of the apocaylpse
Scrabble tile worth 4 points
English clubs to win Champions League/European Cup
Four biggest Balaeric Islands
Member of the Simpsons family
Wedding anniversary 1-5
Planet of the solar system
Famous Five
Country with 4 letters in its name
Star Wars robot
South Park kid
Top 3 ranked tennis players (men)
European country with no red OR blue in its flag
Donald Duck nephew
Star of the Three Amigos

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